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The Lawn Care
Services We Offer

Our skilled, independent lawn pros cover all the bases from lawn mowing and yard maintenance service to specialty lawn services including aeration, fertilizing, gutter cleaning, and more. We even offer year-round support with snow removal services.

Lawn care / maintenance

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Lawn Mowing Services, Made Easy

Why we’re the best rated in lawn mowing

1. We find lawn mowing pros near you.

Lawn Love is a modern day take on lawn mowing. Gone are the days when moving to a new neighborhood meant starting from scratch to find local lawn maintenance companies to complete your weekly required grass cutting. Our skilled, independent pros service over 120 cities and roughly 900 counties. Once you become a Lawn Love customer, you'll never have to worry about finding a lawn mowing service again.

2. We offer immediate and transparent pricing on all mowing jobs.

We also solve the age old problem of determining a fair price for lawn mowing services. We quote your lawn mowing service cost instantly using our proprietary satellite technology. You can feel confident knowing that our price is fair and consistent. You know what you'll pay before we even schedule the job. We aim to provide affordable lawn care services for everyone.

3. Our lawn mowing pros do great work, we guarantee it..

Lawn care and maintenance takes time and the right equipment to do it right. We’ll connect you with a lawn company that is prepared to handle even the most complex lawn mowing needs. When hiring someone to care for your yard, you want to make sure it's a company you can trust. Your lawn care professional has already been pre-screened and vetted to ensure only the best lawn services are provided. You can rest assured that your yard mowing services will get done right or you don't pay us. It's that simple. Just ask our happy customers.

Get a quote online to receive a fast, free estimate for your lawn care needs.

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Find the best garden services near me

Here at Lawn Love, we are taking a new approach to an age-old industry. Our skilled lawn care technicians have years of gardening experience.

With Lawn Love, we know that you will love your lawn and garden. That’s why we offer a total satisfaction guarantee.

Looking for a gardening service?

A beautiful garden can transform a property. Whether you're trying to recreate the gardens at Versailles, or something a bit less extravagant, Lawn Love can help.

We'll pair you with a skilled local gardener who will get your garden looking just the way you like it, and ensure it stays that way. Our skilled, independent gardeners have an average of 10 years of experience caring for gardens of all shapes and sizes.

What exactly is included in a gardening service?

Our lawn pro can help take care of any gardening service, some of which include:

  • Bush and shrub trimming

  • Weeding

  • Green waste disposal

  • Mowing

  • Edging

  • And more!

Gardener maintenance work comes in all kinds of different shapes and sizes.

Get a quote online to receive a fast, free estimate for your lawn care needs.

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Weed control

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Professional weed control services

When it comes to fighting weeds, the best defense is often a good offense. Here at Lawn Love your providers know just how hard it is to keep weeds off your lawn. If you’re looking for professional and affordable weeding services, you’ve come to the right place. Lawn Love will match you with a local, independent weed control provider with extensive weed control expertise. We offer selective herbicide spot-treatments to stop even the most aggressive weeds. It’s time to stop weeds from growing out of control of your property. Give us a call at 800-706-4117 or get a weed control quote online today. Once you’ve received your instant price you can schedule a service in as soon as just two days from today.

What’s included in your weed control service?

Our services stop damaging or toxic weeds from competing with your plants and lawn grass. Our team can work with you to determine the best treatment solution for your property. Start by filling out the quote form.

Get a quote online to receive a fast, free estimate for your lawn care needs.

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